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Pet medical equipment

Y-type Disposable Corrugated Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

Y-type Disposable Corrugated Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

Giá thông thường $4.50
Giá thông thường Giá bán $4.50
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1.Standard connectors(15mm,22mm).
2.EVA material, hoses are expandable, easy for transportation and use.
3.Normally 1.8m, length can be customized.
4.Available with different types of Wye connectors and elbows for temperature pressure measuring,or gas monitoring, etc.

Packing: individual package
Color: Transparent
Shelf Life: 5years
Type: Anesthesia Accessories
Application: For veterinary use Only

Breathing Circuits are in combination with
Endotracheal Tube, or Anesthesia Mask,
Breathing Filter and Respiratory Machine, offering a simple, convenient and efficient passage for clinic gas delivery, such as anesthetic gas, oxygen gas.

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