Collection: Injection

Injection and Infusion in Animals

Whether injections for treating nausea and diarrhea or infusions for dehydrated animals, or even just the yearly vaccination – injections and infusions are carried out on a daily basis in veterinary clinics. Petmedtools offers veterinarians a wide assortment of injection supplies for injection and infusion procedures in small, average and large animals.

In our Injection category, you will not only find various cannulas for subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous injections, but also a wide range of infusion sets and disposable syringes. Of course, we also stock the compatible injection accessories for you. Whether you need drip stands, ampoule openers, plugs or tourniquets, Petmedtools provides everything you require for injecting medicines or vaccines.

Special Needles for Farm Animals

Petmedtools also offers special instruments, such as vaccination guns for use in large animal medicine. Jet injectors are used for professional vaccination of herd animals, fowl and other animals. Thanks to Luer-Lock connectors, they can be combined with all standard single-use or reusable needles to inject a precisely set dose of the vaccine.

Phlebotomy Supplies for Veterinarians

Phlebotomy is an important diagnostic element and often provides evidence as per the type of illness. In the Blood Collection category, vetwho offers you compatible accessories for drawing capillary and venous blood and for professional blood sample processing.

Explore our injection product and infusion in animals and benefit from the attractive bulk prices offered on many of our products.