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Polydioxanone: monofilament, synthetic absorbable suture, composed by a Polymer of Polydioxanone, which causes less tissue reaction compared to the absorbable sutures with a thread of natural origin. It has a greater tensile strength and flexibility, and an approximation of tissues twice prolonged than other synthetic absorbable sutures. This suture is ideal for internal tissues, and for procedures requiring an absorbable suture that can provide a prolonged retention and support.

Polydioxanone is a monofilament, synthetic absorbable suture that meets the USP requirements, except for the diameter, which is ruled by the British Pharmacopeia. It is degraded by non-enzymatic hydrolysis. It has a minimum absorption process after 90 days of being implanted, and the thread is completely reabsorbed within 6 months after implantation. This suture has a high tensile strength.

Surgical suture indicated for approximation of all types of tissues, including pediatric cardiovascular tissues, where growth is expected, as well as in ophthalmic surgery. It is also indicated in digestive surgery, plastic surgery, plastic/reconstructive surgery, ligatures, general surgery and cuticles.
Not suitable for adult cardiovascular tissues, microsurgery and neural tissues. As an absorbable suture, it should not be used when it is necessary to support tissues for long periods.
Polydioxanone thread available in violet color.
Boxes with 12 or 36 units.
Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

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