Bộ sưu tập: Centrifuges

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The role of the centrifuge is to separate the solid particles from the liquid in the suspension.

1. A centrifuge is a machine that can separate different components in solid-liquid two-phase or immiscible liquid-liquid two-phase mixtures. Its working principle is that due to different densities, the degree of centrifugal motion of solid-liquid two-phase or liquid-liquid two-phase is different, so as to achieve the purpose of separating different components.

The main functions of the centrifuge include the following three: separation of solid-liquid two phases in suspension, separation of two immiscible liquids with different densities in emulsion, or separation of liquid components in wet solids . Compared with other separation machines, the centrifuge has the advantages of high working efficiency, small size, good sealing and less auxiliary equipment.

When a suspension containing fine particles sits, the gravitational field causes the suspended particles to gradually sink. The heavier the particle, the faster it will sink, and conversely, particles with a density less than that of the liquid will float. The speed at which a particle moves in a gravitational field is related to the size, shape, and density of the particle, and to the strength of the gravitational field and the viscosity of the liquid. Particles the size of erythrocytes, with a diameter of a few micrometers, can be observed in the usual gravitational effects of their sedimentation process.