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Pet medical equipment

Cat Dog Pet Aerosol Chamber Inhaler Spacer Veterinary Feline Aerosol Chamber Pet Inhaler Spacer with Mask for Dogs and Felines

Cat Dog Pet Aerosol Chamber Inhaler Spacer Veterinary Feline Aerosol Chamber Pet Inhaler Spacer with Mask for Dogs and Felines

Giá thông thường $30.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $30.00
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Each device is shipped with 3different sized masks. The mask should cover the nose and mouth of animal but not eyes.
Connect the device and the mask
When the animal exhale the gas will go out through the exhalation valve
Extra senstive, low resistance valve is designed to respond to shallow, low volume breaths.
As the animal inhales, the inhalaton valve will move toward the animal. The inhalation valve will go back to the original position when the animal stops inhalation or exhales. So it can calculate how many times the animal breaths.
Holds the medication allowing the animal to inhale many times.
Insert inhaler into the back of the chamber.

1) The aerosol storage tank is used to help dogs / cats suffering from respiratory
diseases such as chronic bronchitis, laryngeal paralysis or tracheal failure to deliver
2) The assistive device should be used in combination with the quantitative atomization
inhaler, and the aerosol medicine should be delivered into the lungs of cats or dogs
according to the veterinary doctor’s advice.
3) The fog tank is equipped with an easy-to-use flow indicator, which can accurately see
how much medicine the animals are taking, and they will get the exact amount of
medicine each time they use it.

1. Convenient, portable chamber much smaller than any other devices
2. Simple to use and easy to clean.
3. Increases concentrations of active drug delivered target specifically.
4. Accurate directing of aerosolised pharmaceuticals to the lungs and small airways.
5. Improved drug safety and efficacy by reducing total therapeutic dose required.
6. Well suited to the inhalation patterns of pets due to obligate nasal breathing and large tidal volume.

Material: PETG
Chamber Anti-Static: Yes
Automatical Valve: Yes
Disinfecting Type: High-temperature sterilization, Alcohol disinfection
Mask Quantity: 3

Gently place the silicone on the pet’s face. When the pet inhales, the chamber indicator moves toward the animal. When the chamber returns to the vertical position, the pet stops inhaling or exhaling
When the pet inhales, press down the inhaler, wear a mask, and take 5-6 breaths. Maintain sealing, use the chamber effectively and assist.


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