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Pet medical equipment

Finger Type Vet Infusion Pump -Infusomat M767

Finger Type Vet Infusion Pump -Infusomat M767

Giá thông thường $238.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $238.00
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. Bright color and large LCD touch screen
. Small size, easy to carry and economical to transport
. Compatible with infusion tubes of any standard
. Three infusion modes for your selection
· KVO &Bolus function
· Intelligent pressure detection &occlusion detection(adjustable on 3levels)
. Audiovisual alarms, shockproof and waterproof
. Autosave previous infusion record
. Heating function
. Real time display


Infusion mode: Rate mode, Drip mode, Trace mode
Infusion set: Any brand of infusion set
Infusion accuracy: +-5%
Infusion rate range: Normal mode 1~1200ml/h, increment 1ml/h, trace mode: 0.1-99.9ml/h, increment 0.1ml/h
KVO rate: 1-8ml/h
Volume To Be Infused (VTBI): 1~9999ml
Air Bubble detection: Ultrasound sensor detection of air bubble
Occlusion detection: Occlusion pressure detection adjustable on3levels
Alarm: Over, Low battery, Air. Occlusion., AC power failure, Door open, Time waited out, Error, Countdown
Displayed information: AC power connection, Power,olume, Door open,Tube, Occlusion level, Air, Occlusion. Low. Over,Error.Time waited out, Real time Infusion rate, VTBI, Volume infused
Power supply: AC100-220V,50-60Hz
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery,7.4V,2400mAh:Can work continuously for 3.5 hours at the rate of 25ml/h.
Dimensions: 135×90×135mm(LxWxH)
Weight: <=1.5Kq
Classification: Class Il, BF type
Waterproof level: IPX3

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