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Pet medical equipment

HK-100vet Infusion Pump

HK-100vet Infusion Pump

Giá thông thường $328.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $328.00
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The HK-100VET is developed specifically for
veterinarians that brings an easy to use yet sophisticated
infusion pump to the veterinary market. It gives vets and
nurses the freedom to use an extensive range of standard
Giving Sets leading to valuable cost reductions. A
compact, programmable infusion pump suitable for
delivery of IV fluid therapy for animals.
1. Small, lightweight and compact
2. Easy to use rotatable clamp to attach to IV pole mounts
3. Removable pump body allows for convenient cleaning

Different fluid delivery modes available: Rate mode, Drip mode, Time mode,
Body weight mode, Drug library,Intermittent mode.
0.1-1200mL/hr flow rate range.

Double CPU system makes the running status super safe.
Automatic Anti-Free-Flow System.
Various visual and audible alarms help caregivers response to
infusion errors promptly.
Highly sensitive air bubble detectionensor and pressure
sensor ensure infusion safety.

More than 2000 history records allows easy recall of
operation datas.
Long life battery:6 hours at 25ml/h.
wireless technology allows for connection to infusion management
system HK-M1000 which features complete interoperability with
HIS and CIS.

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