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Pet medical equipment

Mapleson F Ayre's T-piece Circuit Animal Anesthesia Circuit W Bag

Mapleson F Ayre's T-piece Circuit Animal Anesthesia Circuit W Bag

Giá thông thường $12.80
Giá thông thường Giá bán $12.80
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1.Less noise.
2.Light weight and less bulky.
3.Increased safety.
4.Low compliance.
5.Wide range of animals.

Gas leakage of EVA Corrugate tube:<50ml/min@60 cmH2O
Flow resistance of EVA Corrugate tube:<0.2 kPa@30 L/min
EVA Corrugate tube compliance:<10 ml/kPa/m 60 cm H2O


Components Material
Corrugate Tubing EVA
Straight connector PP,K-resin
L connector PP
Bag Latex free, PVC

Single animal use.
DO NOT-soak, rinse, wash or sterilize this product. DO NOT-pull, stretch or "milk"the circuit tubing.
DO NOT-use this circuit where gas temperature at the outlet of the humidifier exceeds 154 degrees Fahrenheit(68 degreesCelsius).
Open the package by tearing off from the bottom edge.Take care to avoid product damage if using scissors.
Inspect all the parts to ensure they are clear and free of obstructions or foreign material before use.
Twist each component after connection action to ensure a leak free and tight fit.
Before use, follow the machine instructions for use to test the product.Make sure the product is compatible with the machine and the product has no leakage and occlusion.
Keep the animal under constant monitoring whenever the product is in use.
The product should be used with instructions from medical staff.

The most commonly used T-piece system is the Jackson-Rees' modification of the Ayre's T-piece (sometimes known as the Mapleson F system). This system connects a two-ended bag to the expiratory limb of the circuit; gas escapes via the `tail' of the bag.

Figure 4: T-piece designs

Modern T-pieces incorporate 15 mm fittings for the reservoir tube and endotracheal adapter.

The volume of the reservoir tubing should approximate the patient's tidal volume. If the volume is too large rebreathing may occur and if too small, ambient air may be entrained.

To prevent rebreathing, the system requires a minimal flow of 4 L/min, with a fresh gas flow of 2.5 to 3 times the patient's minute volume.

Advantages of T-piece systems
No valves
Minimal dead space
Minimal resistance to breathing
Economical for controlled ventilation

The bag may get twisted and impede breathing
High gas flow requirement

Children under 20 kg weight

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