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Pet medical equipment

Medical Oxygen Regulator

Medical Oxygen Regulator

Giá thông thường $21.80
Giá thông thường Giá bán $21.80
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Wall Fixed Gas Flowmeter has the function of humidifying and filtering oxygen and medical air. It is mainly used in the medical center gas supply system, emergency rooms patient rooms, and ambulance. It’s an indispensable instrument for emergency therapy and hypoxia patients for inhalation.

1.Connecting thread:BULL NOSE
2.Integrated casting flowmeter
3.Polymer high-density filter,wet-based uniform
4.Outlet pressure:0.2-0.3Mpa
5.Inlet pressure:15Mpa
6.Material:Chromed Brass /Zinc Alloy
7.Flow rate:1-15L/min
8.Control Pressure Safety Valve:3.5+0.5 Bar
9.Humidifier Capacity:170ml and high quality Polycarbonate bott1 e autoclave121℃

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