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Pet medical equipment

MNCHIP V5 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

MNCHIP V5 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

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Product overview
With reagent discs
Choice of 32 parameters
Sample material: whole blood, serum or plasma
Integrated memory and thermal printer
With built-in real-time quality control

InSight V-CHEM Veterinary Chemistry Analyser
The InSight V-CHEM veterinary chemistry analyser for the veterinary laboratory simultaneously measures up to 15 of a total of 32 available parameters - in just eight minutes. In just a few simple steps, whole blood, plasma or serum can be analysed quickly, cleanly and accurately.

In addition to an internal memory, the device has a built-in thermal printer. You can not only save the results or transfer them to an external device, but also print them out directly. The analyser also has integrated WiFi and a 3G module. By connecting to the internet, you can automatically download any new version of the software or upload error logs to the cloud server.

Product Details
InSight V-CHEM Veterinary Chemistry Analyser
Results in a few simple steps
Usable with self-contained, single-use reagent discs
A total of 32 parameters are available in different combinations
Up to 15 parameters on one reagent disc
Sample material: whole blood, serum or plasma
Sample quantity: 100μ
Analysis time for whole blood: 8 minutes
Analysis time for serum or plasma: 7 minutes
Internal memory for up to 50,000 set of patient and quality control data
Built-in thermal printer
Convenient countdown during measurement
Built-in Realtime Quality Control
Automatic self-calibration via the QR code scan on test disc packaging
Can be connected to the practice management system via LAN connection
No maintenance required
Menu languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese

Operating Principle
The InSight V-CHEM system is based on microfluidic technologies and consists of the analyser and disposable test discs. The device contains a variable speed motor to rotate the disc and a photometer to measure concentration values.

Each test disc is a self-contained, transparent plastic disc with a plastic film on top. The discs contain reaction chambers and all necessary reagents. Blood separation and mixing with the sample diluent take place within the disc by centrifugal and capillary force.

Available Test Discs
Panels and Chemistry
Equine Panel(18):TP,ALB,GLO*,ALB/GLO*,TBIL,AST, GGT,TBA,LDH, GLU,CRE,BUN,BUN/CRE, tCO2,Ca, K+, Na+, Na+/K+*,
Avian&Reptile Panel(14): TP,ALB,GLO*,A/G*,AST,UA,GLU,CK,K+,Na+,Na+/K+*,Cl-,Ca2+,P
Blood Gas Profile(12): GLU, CRE, BUN, BUN/CRE, tCO2,Ca,K+,Na+,Na+/K+*,LAC, PH
Large Animal Diagnostics(11): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, TBIL, AST, GGT, ALP, CK, BUN、Ca, P, Mg
Liver Profile(11): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, TBIL, DBIL, IBIL*
Preanesthetic Profile Plus(10):TP, ALT, AST, ALP, CK, LDH, GLU, CRE, BUN,BUN/CRE*
Critical Care Profile(10): ALT, CRE,BUN,BUN/CRE*,GLU,K+,Na+,Na+/K+*,Cl-,TCO2
Kidney Profile(10): TP,UA,CRE,ALB,BUN,BUN/CRE*,K+,Ca2+,P,TCO2
Electrolytes Profile(8): K+,Na+,Na+/K+*,Cl-,Ca2+,Mg2+,P,tCO2
Pancreatitis Profile(8): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, AMY, LPS, GLU, tCO2
Preanesthetic Profile(10): TP, ALB, GLO*, ALB/GLO*, ALT, ALP, GLU, CRE, BUN,BUN/CRE*
Diabetes Profile(6): TG, CHOL, GLU, FRU
Triple Tests Profile(3): TP,ALB,TBIL, ALT, ALP, CK, AMY, TG, CHOL, GLU,P, Ca2+
Ammonia Test(1): NH3

Test Procedure
Scan the QR code on the foil pouch of the desired test disc. The QR code contains information such as the identification code, the batch number, the expiry date and the calibration data. Now pipette the sample material into the test disc. Place the disc in the drawer of the analyser and enter the patient information on the touch screen.

Once analysis is complete, the report can be printed. The results are also stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to an external printer, a computer, a USB stick or to a laboratory information system or electronic medical record (LIS/EMR).

Technical Data
Full colour touchscreen
Built-in thermal printer
Connection interfaces: WLAN, USB, Ethernet interface, RS232 Serial interface, compatible with HIS WiFi- and 3G-module included
Power supply: AC 100 V - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions: 25.5 (W) x 23 (D) x 33 (H) H
Weight: 6 kg

Please Note
Whole blood must be analysed or separated into plasma or serum within 60 minutes of collection.

Plasma or serum can be stored at room temperature for up to five hours after centrifugation if it is not analysed immediately. At 2 - 8 °C the sample can be stored for a maximum of 48 hours. At - 10 °C, up to five weeks of storage are possible

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