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Pet medical equipment

Pet Acupuncture Stabilizer

Pet Acupuncture Stabilizer

Giá thông thường $230.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $230.00
Giảm giá Đã bán hết

The solid wood protection frame for pets includes a rest table and bracket. The two ends of the rotating adjusting chest support and the protection belt are respectively provided with knobs. The main body of the adjustable chest support on both sides is solid wood, and the leather on the rest table is firm and soft
The product is designed to fully expose the acupoints, so that animals can perform acupuncture in the awake state. It is also suitable for other operations, such as blood collection, injection, wound cleaning, local treatment, etc

Small: 50x38cm for small Pet, Rabbit, Cat, Small Dog, 2-10kg,
Middle: 60x45cm for Medium dog (Shiba inu), corgi (Corgi), 4-18kg
Large: 75x55cm for Large dog (golden retriever), breasted dog (English bullfight)

* Tips: 1. When choosing the best size, it is suggested to compare the length of the sitting plate (the actual available length of the acupuncture rack) with the pet’s body length (the horizontal distance from the chest to the hip and tail) : small 45cm; In 55 cm; Large 70cm 2, both sides of the chest support adjustment range is large, can cover all suitable varieties * high quality: 1, the main body of the guarantee frame is high-quality solid wood, durable without deformation; The outer brush waterproof layer, in case of dog urine stain pollution 2, supporting the original protective belt, the outer leather is soft, the inner layer is tensile, the material is superior 3, the rest table sitting plate is covered with leather cover combined with the inner cushion, reducing the direct contact pressure between the dog’s chest and the wooden frame, the pet feels comfortable

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