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Pet medical equipment

Portable Apnoea Detector Anesthesia Respiration Monitoring

Portable Apnoea Detector Anesthesia Respiration Monitoring

Giá thông thường $260.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $260.00
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The respiration monitor makes care of veterinary patients much easier by signaling each breath, measuring the time between breaths and when alarming if breathing stops, slows or becomes shallower.

Respiratory depression is a prime indicator of anesthetic depth which explains the effectiveness.

In essence, it is measuring oxygen supply to the patient, effectively another way of doing what a pulse oximeter does without the fuss, bother and cost.
1. Audible and visual respiratory beep
2. Digital display of time between breaths
3. No-breath alarm adjustment 10-60 secs
4. Hands-free reset (optical)
5. Sensitivity covers kittens to horses
6. Adjustable volume
7. Rechargeable battery (up to 70 hours per charge)
8. Low battery alarm

Almost all veterinary anesthetic drugs depress respiration in a dose related manner. This makes respiration monitoring an ideal tool to assess the anesthetic depth. Most emergencies during the anesthesia can be attributed to human errors, simply due to lack of vigilance. It is always vigilant, not only preventing deaths but allowing better management of every anesthetic.
As well as apnea warning, it can signal the occurrence of slow or shallow breathing giving early notice of impending problems.It can also draw the anesthetists attention to other problems such a s hypothermia, exhausted gas supply and blockages or leakages in the gas anesthesia equipment.

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