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Pet medical equipment

TA20V Anesthesia Machine

TA20V Anesthesia Machine

Giá thông thường $1,600.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $1,600.00
Giảm giá Đã bán hết

1.Suitable for anesthesia of cats/dogs/monkeys/pigs and other animals under 50KG.
2.Suitable for open and closed breathing anesthesia.
The open circuit is recommended for animals below 7KG, and the closed circuit is recom mended for
animals above 7KG


Anesthesia Vaporizer
Filler type:
Pour fil
Quik fil (SEV only)

Concentration range:
Isoflurane:0.2 to 5%
Sevoflurane:0.2 to 8%
Enflurane:0.2 to 5%

Temperature range:
Ambient and Vaporizer temperature
During operation:10 to 40°C,
vaporizer:18 to 30°C
During Storage(empty,drywick): -20to 60°C
Vaporizer:-20 to 60°C

Flow range
0.2to 15L/min
0.2to 10L/min
Concentrations>5 vol.%
Filling volume for anesthetic agent:
360ml with dry wick
300ml with moist wick

Breathing circuit components
Sodium lime capacity:500g
Pressure detection range:-2-6KPA
APL valve adjustment range:0.2-6.0KPA
nspiratory impedance:≤0.6KPA
Expiratory impedance:≤0.6KPA

Flow rate range:0-4L/min

Quick supply switch:
Flow range:10L-20L/min

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