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Pet medical equipment

The E2V Portable Ultrasound

The E2V Portable Ultrasound

Giá thông thường $4,800.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $4,800.00
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The SonoScape E2V is categorized as an economy portable Color Doppler ultrasound system that is designed also for for veterinary exams.

It is one of the most valuable devices for Veterinary application in the market with specific animal body marks and image presets.



15.6″ Medical High Resolution Monitor

Anti-flickering and vertically and horizontally rotatable

Size: 378mm×352mm×114mm (W×H×D)

Weight: Approx. 6.5kg including battery)


Standard Software

Preset for Pet
Preset for Horse Race
Preset for Animal Husbandry
Preset for Lab
B ( 2B & 4B ) Mode
M Mode
Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Power Doppler Imaging / Directional Power Doppler Imaging
Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging
μ-Scan ( 2D Speckle Reduction Technology )
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging
Dynamic Multi-beam Technology
Spatial Compound Imaging
Tissue Specific Imaging
TGC ( Time Gain Compensation )
Simultaneous Mode ( Duplex )
Simultaneous Mode ( Triplex )
B / C Dual Live
2D Steer
Widescan: Linear Extended
Widescan: Convex Extended
TEI Index
Auto Trace
Auto IMT
Biopsy Guide
Zoom ( Pan-Zoom / HD-Zoom )
Scr-Zoom ( One-Key Full Screen Display )
One-Key Optimization ( Auto Optimization for 2D / Color / M / PW / CW )
Show Gallery
DICOM 3.0: Store / C-Store / Worklist / MPPS / Print / SR / Q&R

Warranty & maintenance:
• 24 months warranty
• Lifetime maintenance agreement
• CE, ISO and FDA approved
SonoScape E2 Probes/Transducers:
C613 micro convex probe : can used for small size of animals like cat, small dogs for its abodimal

Abdominal 3C-A convex probe : can be used for medium and large size of animals, like big dogs, goat, horse

L741V endocavity linear probe: can be used for reproduction, it’s transrectal probe to check the overary

L741 linear probe : Can be used for checking tendon, small parts of animals

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