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Pet medical equipment

VET-OR1200HD Endoscope System

VET-OR1200HD Endoscope System

Giá thông thường $3,600.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $3,600.00
Giảm giá Đã bán hết
Đã bao gồm thuế.

Video Signal Outputs: Y/C,DVI,AV
Image Enhancement: profile enhance,0-3 steps
Brightness Adjustment: 9 steps
IRIS: Average,Peak
Electronic emphasis on mucosal morphology or outline to enhances the sharpness of the endoscopic image
Press the switch W.B to achieve the white balance adjustment
HD images video can be saved
HD images can be Frozen, saved and reviewed
Voltage: -110V/220V AC(+-10%)
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Air pump: 
Air flow >=5L/min
Air pressure 30-80kPa
Lighting: LED
Color temperature>=5500K

Megapixel Display HD display,true representation
High-definition image display,more details,clearly looking into any subtle changes before the eyes.

The powerful upgraded HbE function can better highlight the hemoglobin in the blood and has obvious invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in the diseased tissue.

The USB interface can be used to store video and still images using U disk.

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