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Pet medical equipment

Veterinary Anaesthesia Mask Set with 6 Sizes and Transport Box

Veterinary Anaesthesia Mask Set with 6 Sizes and Transport Box

Giá thông thường $48.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $48.00
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Anesthesia Masks:
6 available sizes of anesthesia masks for companion animals are packaged together at a special discounted price.Also available is an anesthesia mask for rodents.
Companion animal masks include 15mm fittings straps.
The Anesthesia Masks can be purchased individually or as a discounted price set.
The veterinary anesthesia mask set includes:

Small Feline Size 1,

Medium Feline Size 2,

Large Feline Size 3,

SmallCanine Size 4

,Medium Canine Size 5 and
Large Canine Size 6.

Anesthesia Machine Oxygen Concentrator
Tube Connector
Size:15-22mm tube connector 1 Oxygen tube connector
In addition,this connector are compatible to most brands of the anesthesia machine.Such as Matrx, RWD and Surgivet's and oxygen tubes.

Vetwho provides diaphragms for the following anesthesia masks:
Small Feline #1
Medium Feline #2
Large Feline #3
Small Canine #4
Medium Canine #5
Large Canine #6

Diameter of Masks:Diaphragm included in measurement except on Rodent mask.
Small Feline: #144*41mm
Medium Feline: #257*50mm
Large Feline: #360*65mm
Small Canine: #487*95mm
Medium Canine: #5110*116mm
Large Canine: #6130*140mm

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