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Veterinary Automatic Air Warming Systerm-M600V

Veterinary Automatic Air Warming Systerm-M600V

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Hypothermia is defined by Surgical Care Improvement Project(SCIP) as a core body temperature less than 36’C.It occurs for a number of reasons, including:
1. Anesthesia
2. Patients getting cold on the ward when waiting go the teatre
3. The use of non-warmed intra-venous(IV) and irrigation fluids
4. Operating room temperature
5. Exposure of the body interior during surgery


Maintaining a patient’s normothermia is necessary to reduce the risk of adverse effects associated with hypothermia. Hypothermia can lead to significant complications:
1. Shivering
2. Arrhythmias
3. Coagulopathy
4. Increase the risk of surgical site infections(SSI)
5. Increased cardiovascular stress
6. Delay wound healing
7. Prolonged time to recovery
Model M600V warming system provides a comprehensive solution that can effectively prevent and treat hypothermia.

M600V system consists of a reusable warming unit and a single-use disposable warming blankets.This unit is connected by a rubber hose to blanket that is heated by circulating warm air, thus maintaining a patient’s core body temperature.


1. Advanced dual temperature sensor design
2. Fault alarms: over-temperature, under-temperature, filter maintenance
3. Air filter to keep effective filtration
4. Precise temperature settings controlled within +/-1.5C

1. Reaching the set temperature within 5 minutes
2. Particular heat output design to have quicker heat transfer
3. Unique micro-holes on the surface of the blanket to keep heat evenly distribute
4. Wide range of blanket shapes and sizes

1. Intuitive operation, almost training free
2. Can be clamped to an IV pole or placed on a hard surface

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