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Pet medical equipment

Veterinary Tonometer -FA800VET

Veterinary Tonometer -FA800VET

Giá thông thường $1,800.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $1,800.00
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FA800 tonometer is a useful tool for rapid and painless measuring of intraocular pressure in animal patients.
It is specially calibrated for small animals (cat/dog)and large animals (horse/cow).

It is painless and therefore creates no anxiety
No local anaesthetic is needed
Enables rapid intraocular pressure measurements from various species
Features calibration tables for small animals (cats/dogs)as well as for large animals (horses,cows)
The device is small,hand-held,portable and easy to use
The method has proved to be accurate and comfortable
The disposable probe prevents microbiological and viral contamination

Main characteristics of animal tenonometer:
1.The measurement result is accurate and the consistency is high and the measurement result turns out to be accurate through the study.
2.Anesthesia is not necessary,the measurement speed is fast,the contact area is small,the physical strength is slight and it is not harmful to the cornea.
3.It is suitable for the intraocular pressure measurement of various kinds of animals such as the dog,cat,rat,rabbit and tortoise and so on.
4.The operation is simple and one person can finish the intraocular pressure measurement of various kinds of animals after he is familiar with the operation.
5.It adopts the brand new side liquid crystal display design so that the operation personnel can control the distance between the searching unit and animal cornea better and people can observe the value of number on the screen more conveniently.It is a brand new upgrading.
6.The volume is small and it is convenient to carry.It will not be influence by the environment.You can measure at any time.
7.The use of one time searching unit avoids cross infection.

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