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Pet medical equipment

VIS-69 Veterinary video center and Veterinary Bronchoscope AVB-69PS

VIS-69 Veterinary video center and Veterinary Bronchoscope AVB-69PS

Giá thông thường $7,250.00
Giá thông thường Giá bán $7,250.00
Giảm giá Đã bán hết
Đã bao gồm thuế.

VIS-69 standard configaration included:
Digital signal output DVI *2 12 monitor
Automatic WB,IRIS
Color adjustment Color saturation adjustment Brightness adjustment,Sharpness and contrast adjustment
Freeze and review
Image capture Video record by USB, data management
Air and water feeding pump LED light source

Lamp: LED Lamp
Color temperature: 5500K
Average working life: 35000 hours
Brightness adjustment: Manually
Automatic white balance,Sharpness adjustment,Color adjustment,
Image setting function: Saturation adjustment,Contrast adjustment,Brightness adjustment, Electronic magnification,Noise reduction,IRIS
Output format: Full-HD
Digital signal output: DVI *2
Freeze: Yes
Image capture and Video recording: Yes,can be stored USB disk
Review: Image and video can be reviewed
Data management: Assign one file for each case and patient data is editable

Full-HD excellent image resolution.
Image capturing and video recording can be stored USB disk.
Review stored image and video anytime.
2.5x electronic magnification.
Assign one file for each case and patient data is editable with keyboard.
All-in-one design with processor,LED light source and 12 inch HD monitor.

Enhanced Full-HD Image Quality
The megapixel CMOS sensor and new VIS-69 video center to deliver clear, high-resolution image.It allows superior visualization for Full HD display.

Superior Usability All-in-one Video Center
Compact design with video processor,LED light source and 12 inch monitor in one unit, portable and space-saving.Whether it is treatment in the operating room or outdoor treatment environment, VIS-69 offers a simple solution.

Newly Documentation System
The VIS-69 provides video recording, image capturing, playback function and data filling with keyboard.It is simple that improve vet’s workflow

High Compatibility
High-quality EC-69 camera head can be compatible with video endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and fiber scopes makes the VIS-69 video center more possible.

12 months for main unit and scopes from ex-factory date

69 series has the most complete endoscope
style, suitable for the small mammal to large
animals and marine animals.

Light-weight and Ergonomics
The light weight and slim grip makes the
scope fits the hand and greatly reduces
fatigue caused by long time operation.

Slim Design
The newly AVB-69PS provides 32mm
outer diameter of the distal end. The shape
of the scope tip is easy passage through
the kittens, puppies and small breed dogs.

Extended Length
The classcial scope AGVE-69HAL is the
best choice for application in large animals.
The 30mm working length is very suit-
able for the equines and marine animals
and it reaches 180 angel of bending

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