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Pet medical equipment

Water Distiller

Water Distiller

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High temperature and high pressure sterilization must use distilled water as the working medium. Even pure water contains various minerals, which will produce scale after evaporating at high temperature. After a period of time, the accumulation of scale will make the solenoid valve and other seals not tight, resulting in steam leakage, causing blockage of small pipelines, failure of pressure and temperature sensors and other faults. Small pipes and bearings reduce the performance of the instrument and thus affect the service life. This shows the importance of using distilled water.
Clinics, hospital departments and laboratories often require a small amount of distilled water. Using a distilled water machine is the best way to obtain distilled water. You just need to inject ordinary tap water and you can get a steady stream of high-quality distilled water at your leisure! It’s that simple!

Voltage: AC220V-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 750VA
Tank Capacity: 4L
Inside Dimension: 180*220mm
Appearance size: 290*290*380mm
Effluent speed: 1L/hour

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