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Pet medical equipment

Cat Anaesthetic Gases And Oxygen Tracheal Tube

Cat Anaesthetic Gases And Oxygen Tracheal Tube

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Cat Tracheal Tubes are used to deliver anaesthetic gases and/or oxygen to anaesthetised patients.
Designed to sit in the pharynx,they avoid many of the problems caused by ET tubes such as laryngeal and tracheal trauma.

Features and Benefits
Species-specific-anatomically accurate
Suitable for small kittens to adult large domestic breeds
Easy to place-particularly useful in emergencies
No airway narrowing-no increase in airway resistance
Low dead-space connector
Excellent seal pressure allowing assisted ventilation but no environmental pollution of an- aesthetic gases
No laryngeal damage/spasms
·No tracheal trauma
Protects airway from reflux/regurg material
Ideal for safer dental procedures
Safer,smoother recoveries
No post-operative gagging or coughing
Single-use device-human medicine standards of cleanliness

How to use it

Step 1:Choose the correct tube.
Step 2:Make sure the pet pre-oxygenated and fully anaesthetised (jaw relaxed and reflexes absent).If necessary,please spray appropriate dose of topical local anaesthetic to the tube(according to the clinician's evaluation).
Step 3:Take out the tongue and/or use a laryngoscope to examine the mouth and pharynx,then remove any visible foreign objects or excessive secretions.
Step 4:Apply a small amount of sterile lube around the end/edges of the tube so it will slide in easier.
Step 5:Grasp the tongue with a dry gauze to open the mouth and then insert the tube gently into the pharynx.
Step 6:The tube should fit closely and comfortably in place without being able to rotate.
Step 7:Secure the tie gauze around the tube and tie to pet(either behind the ears or top of muzzle,depending on your procedure).
Step 8:Lay the pet down on their side and connect the tube to the anesthesia machine.
Step 9:After the procedure is completed,untie the gauze from the pet's head and let the pet to recover by connecting to a oxygen source.
Step 10:After the pet is swallowing,the tube can then be removed.

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