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Pet medical equipment

Fitness and Rehabilitation for Dogs

Fitness and Rehabilitation for Dogs

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Flexiness cloud paws have teamed up to bring you the FlexiPAWS Cloud

Double them up or use individually. The Cloud is a “MUST HAVE” for your Canine Gym. The Sky Is The Limit!
Provides Safe Balance Platform for Fitness, Conditioning and Rehabilitation Exercises.

PUMP Not Included – Inflates with inflation pump (the cone attachment not the needle pump).

Add a K9FITbone or a Flexiness Sensimat

Builds Core Strength
Promotes Good Form
Boosts Confidence
Improves Joint Health
COLORS: Teal or Lilac

Approx. CM 40cm x 32cm x 70cm –

Approx INCHES 15.75″ x 12.6″ x 27.56

Inflate the device to the specified size (height), let it rest for the first day and then pump it after approx. 4 weeks. The amount of air has an influence on the stability of the device. The floor should definitely be slightly arched to achieve the desired effect. The more air the more buckling on the bottom and the more difficult the device becomes. Please take this into consideration.

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