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Pet medical equipment

Disposable Gas Filter Canister 200g

Disposable Gas Filter Canister 200g

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1. F-AIr Canister Kit Dimensions
Height: 6 inches
Weight of Active Components: 200 grams
Diameter: 31/4 inches
Connector, outside diameter: 7/8 inches male

2. F-Air Canister Kit Adsorption Capacity
Carbon Tetrachloride Activity, weight increase: 60%*
Halogenated Gas Retentivity: 50 grams

3. F-Air Canister Kit Specifications
Adsorbent Surface Area: 200,000 m3/grams
Particle Size,Average,U.S.sieve: 6+16
Average Density: 48 grams/cc
Void Volume: 40%
Pressure Drop (psi): <0.1
Average Life: 2-15 hours
Electrical Properties: Non-conductive

4.Accessories Options for Melton Anesthesia Machines
MSS Anesthesia Vaporizer Options
Drug Optioins: Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Enfluorane
Mounting Style: CogeMount, Selectatec
Drug Filling Style: Keyfill, Screwfill
·Keyed filler
Vaporizer end caps
Selectatec Mounting Block

Flowmeter Reading Options
Absorber Assembly

Pop-off valve
Disposable Breathing Circuit
Non-rebreathing Circuit
Endotracheal Tubes
Size (ID mm):#2.5-#10

Animal Anesthesia Masks
Breathing Bags
Size:0.5-3 L

Medical Gas Regulator
Pre-assembled Oxygen Hose
Hose Adaptors
F/Air Anesthesia Gas Filter Kit for Pollution Control
Hose Fittings Mounts
Carry Handle

Spider Base
Waste Gas Evacuation Tube
Top tray to hold a ventilator or monitor
Oxygen Concentrator Holder

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