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Disposable Laryngoscope Blades With Handle

Disposable Laryngoscope Blades With Handle

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Disposable laryngoscope set with 3 blades and 1 handle provides the leading source of information on advances in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck disorders.
Color: white

Disposable laryngoscope blades with handle
Single use anesthesia laryngoscope with LED light are simply-put devices that allow to view the larynx. The larynx can be looked at either directly or indirectly.

Product Specification
The product mainly consists of handle and blade.
Blade size L: FT-0
Blade size M: FT-1
Blade size S: FT-2
One handle

Intended Use
The laryngoscope is an instrument used to introduce an endotracheal tube into an unconscious person in general anaesthesia or check the throat disease.

Directions for Use
1.Choose the proper laryngoscope of related specification for the clinical patient by the professional doctors .
2.Check the device that you have the necessary parts to assemble a laryngoscope. The laryngoscope consists of two parts: handle and blade.
3.Assemble the laryngoscope if need.
4.Place the blade in the patient’s mouth from the right side of the tongue and move the tongue slightly toward the left.
5.Advance the blade slowly into the back of the patient’s mouth until you see the patient’s epiglottis. The epiglottis is the structure that covers the opening into the trachea, commonly called the windpipe.
6.Introduce the breathing tube through the vocal cords into the trachea. Secure the breathing tube with tape.

1.Shelf Life: two years . Do not use after the expiry date.
2.For single use only-DO NOT RE-STERILIZE .
3.Do not use if package is damaged or open.
4.It should be stored indoors where the relative humidity is below 80%,there is non-corrosive gas in and ventilation is well.
5.Use of this device restricted to a trained health care professional. Before using product, read the instructions for use thoroughly .
6.Upon completion of procedure, dispose of device per institutional guidelines for bio-hazardous medical waste .

50pcs/middle box, 200pcs/carton, carton size 52X42X46cm, 10KGS/carton

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