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Ebulizer Cup For Aerosol Therapy Adjustable

Ebulizer Cup For Aerosol Therapy Adjustable

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Nebulizer cup for aerosol therapy can be used to deliver many types of medicines. The medicines and moisture help control breathing problems like wheezing and help loosen lung secretions.

Color: Blue or orange

Adjustable nebulizer cup hospital use/home use
Adjustable nebulizer cup kit with tube and mask has 2 gears to control the atomization rate and particle size, and adopts a button design, to make adjustable more convenient and suitable for one-hand operation.

-Atomization rate: 0.45ml/min (quick spray mode)
-Atomization rate: 0.25ml/min (slow spray mode)
-MMAD: 3.8-4.6μm
-Tank capacity: 2ml-8ml
-Suitable for home use and travel use
-Come with a set accessories
-Easy to install and use
-Suitable size for adults and kids.
-Comfortableand safe materials

Item No:
*TW8505L: Large Size, for Adult
*TW8505M: Medium Size, for children

Package :
Poly bag or poly-paper pouched

How many types of nebulizer cups do you have?
Our nebulizer bottles can be divided into three types according to its function.
1.Regular model
2.Adjustable model by rotary knob
3.Adjustable model by button press

Why we need to adjust the nebulizer cup?
The nebulizer cup will produce different sizes of particle for different therapy via its adjustable button.

What are the side effects of using a nebulizer?
The most commonly reported side effects of nebulised therapy are:
Rapid heartbeat.
Mild tremor.
Dryness of the mouth.

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