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Pet medical equipment

Giant Rocker Board

Giant Rocker Board

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Active Play, Everyday The FitPAWS® Rocker Board is a great contact surface for a variety of activities. The integrated fulcrum makes it perfect for practicing weight shifts.

Improve Body Awareness
Develop Balance Confidence
Condition and Strengthen
Contact Training
The FitPAWS® Giant Rocker Board is perfect for dogs new to Balance Training, seniors and puppies. The back and forth movement in one plane is a great place to start for dogs not fully confident in their balance.

Single Plane Movement Provides More Control
Extra-Wide Contact Surface Just for Dogs
Improve Sense of Body Awareness
Combine with other FitPAWS® Products
Extra Wide 30” x 30” (75 cm x 75 cm) Surface
1.5” (4 cm) Center Fulcrum Bar
Padded, Non-slip Textured Training Surface (Removable)

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