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Pet medical equipment

Instrument Set, 14 Piece, stubby handle

Instrument Set, 14 Piece, stubby handle

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Our 14 pieces set is composed of bacis instruments used from initial examination and scaling to extraction. See list of instruments in further information

The set consist of:
Elevator, winged, 1 – 5 mm, stubby handle
Straight Root Tip pick, standard handle
Tartar Removing Forceps
Extraction Forceps
Minnesota Retractor
Curette, subgingival
Jaquette Scaler, supragingival
Sickle Scaler
Explorer and Measuring Probe
Periosteal Elevator Double Ended. Each instrument can be purchased individually.
The sets are sold in nice boxes. It is advisable to sterilize and store the instruments in a clean environment before and in between use..

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