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PVC Flexible Oxygen Tubing

PVC Flexible Oxygen Tubing

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VC Flexible Oxygen Tubing in Star-Lumen shaped (Inner Diameter). These tubings are made from FDA approved/compliant raw materials, which are fit for medical use. These tubings are best used in Oxygen Mask assembly, as Oxygen Tubing for uninterrupted kink-free oxygen flow to the patients. The inner orifices / extruded blades (6 in nos) act as supports to provide kink-free anti-blocking properties to the PVC Star Lumen Tubing, so as keep an uninterrupted flow of oxygen even when bent at 90 Degrees angle. They are also used in medical metal blades as needle or sharp end protectors / covers. Colours used are Golden Transparent or Medical Green in Random.


Star-Lumen shaped tubing are:


Clear Transparent

Anti-Block for free Oxygen Flow


Typical sizes of Oxygen Tubing are:

3.5mm ID (Clear ID) x 4.5mm ID (Orifice ID) x 5.7mm (OD)

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