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Pet medical equipment

Syringe Pump-MSP-3

Syringe Pump-MSP-3

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Special or quality PVC/TPE IV sets with an external diameter of 3.4mm-4.5mm.
2options: Minimalism mode, professional mode. Minimalism mode: Only ml/h and d/min can be used; Professional mode:all flow-rate modes can be used.
Better than +5%using a calibrated or a special infusion set),1.0~800ml/h
Safety classification: Class ll ,nternal power supply, CF type,IPX4 equipment.
Optional accessories: Warmer, Wireless communicating module.

Data function:
1. Memory of calibration: Records the calibration data of tube automatically for application;
2. Memory of parameter: Records the latest infusion parameter for next operation;
3. Historical records: records latest 1000 infusion events.

Power supply:
Ac adapter:100-240V,50/60Hz,,Built-in rechargeable Li-battery
Power consumption: 20VA
Weight and size:95mm(w)*142mm(h)*75mm(t),about 0.85Kg

Flow-rate: 10-800.0ml/h, 0. 1ml/h step
Drop-rate: 1-333d/min, 1d/min step
Time: 1s-99h59m59s, 1s step
Dose: 0.1~9999mg, 0.1mg step
mg/kg/h: 0.1-9999mg/kg/h, 0. mg/kg/h step
Body-weight: 1-300 kg,1kg step
KVO rate: 1.0-5.0 ml/h, step
Preset volume: 01-99999ml,0.1ml step.

Air in the front-end of tube
The front-end bubble sensor fault
Air in the back-end of tube
The back-end bubble sensor fault
Back-end occlusion,20~140kPa, 8 grades of sensitivity
Back-end pressure sensor fault
Abnormal door-opening
Low battery power, battery fault
Completed infusion
AC power fault

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