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Pet medical equipment

Tacky Mat

Tacky Mat

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Size: 90*60cm
Package: 10pcs/ inner box,

PRO Cleanroom Sticky Mats

A series of sticky mats offer multi-layer clean-film adhesive layers that form mats to capture dirt or dust from shoes or equipment wheels entering a controlled environment. The tear-off layers are numbered so it is easy to track how many remain for re-ordering purposes.

How does it work?

When operatives walk over a sticky matting before entering a controlled area, contaminates from their shoes are transfers onto the sticky mat reducing the risk of contamination being introduced into the controlled area.

Features and Benefits

• LDPE Floor Mat
• Remove contamination on contact
• Peel to expose a clean surface
• No washing or cleaning of mats with messy fluids and mops
• Use with or without a frame, low profile construction
• Full adhesion bottom holds floor securely yet easy to remove and leaves no residue
• Numbered corner tabs for easy removal of the used sheet
• Colours: Blue

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